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Kindergarten CEO: The Struggle is Real by The Kid CEO, childrens books



Kindergarten CEO is a ONE OF A KIND self-help book for kids written AND illustrated by a 6 year old kid in his perspective. Aramis, writes about his struggles (being bullied, impulsivity, and anger) in Kindergarten. He talks about how family and school staff came together to help him out, and taught him how to make better decisions. Aramis will share about the empowering moment he knew he was in control of his anger. This book is his way of helping other kids who face similar circumstances over come their "struggles" too. 

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What People Are Saying


- Obom Bowen, Award Winning Bestselling Author and publisher

"The dictionary defines a hero as, a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

After reading Aramis's book you'll see that he stood up in the face of adversity finding the courage to own his mistakes and turn his trials  into triumphs.

I believe the noblest of qualities is that of someone who admits fault, learns from them and help others do or become better. More than 80% of adults find admitting fault and learning from mistakes very tough. For young Aramis, this is exactly what he did.

By writing this book to help millions of other kids, that makes him a hero."


- Britney Gutzwiller, CEO Be Bold Be Brave, Author of The Best and Worst of Postpartum


"Kindergarten is such a big transition for our little ones and this is the perfect book to help young kids manage their strong emotions in school. Aramis has such a big heart to want to help other kids with the struggles he too went through!

The Kindergarten CEO is such an inspiration! What a perfect gift this book is for young kids in school!"


- Ijeoma Ijeaku MD, MPH, FAPA, President/Founder The Whole Person Foundation Inc., Child Psychiatrist/Faculty UCR School of Medicine


"A hero is one admired for their brave acts…heroism in effect does not occur in ordinary situations. Our hero in the story shares the blue print for rising above our less than average circumstances. It is a story of courage in a young person so young and yet determined to succeed."


Aramis "The Kid CEO" Verano

What is Kindergarten CEO: The Struggle is Real about? 

As many parents know, often times kids have difficulty adjusting to new situations. When this happens, it becomes harder for children to regulate their emotions, and often have difficulties controlling their anger. Kindergarten CEO is Aramis's real story and the struggles he went through his kindergarten year. His experiences are not unique to him, because it is something that millions of kids face a year. What makes this children's book unique is that it is written and illustrated soley from a child's perspective. Because he knows that other kids have similar struggles, he made this one of a kind childrens book to help inspire other kids and give them insight and hope. childrens books anger management best selling books


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